work with tasha “TC” cooper

by invitation only

The UpwardAction® Media Certification Program is for serious business owners and leaders in both business and ministry who want to use the power of the Internet to increase their impact, influence and income through service.

work with tasha “tc” cooper

by invitation only

The UpwardAction® Media Certification Program is for serious business owners and leaders in both business and ministry who want to use the power of the Internet to increase their impact, influence and income through service.




Character-Driven Leadership Defined

Work with TC to develop and fully integrate your own character and values-based blueprint for building + leading purposeful and profitable teams.

Exam free icon Learn how to write posts for your LInkedIn, Twitter & Facebook accounts that attract your ideal clients and influences their action.

Exam free icon Get a proven process for pre-qualifying potential clients who find you online so that you’re only talking with people who are willing and ready to hire someone to solve their need in the immediate future.

Exam free icon Learn how to identify and then leverage the most powerful features of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (it’s different for each one). 

Exam free icon Overcome feelings of overwhelm that are keeping you from consistently using social media and digital branding to grow your book of business. 

Exam free icon Learn how to automate your social media updates in a way that maximize the strength of each social network without wasting your time. 

Exam free icon Overcome any feelings of fear or uncertainty that may be holding you back from fully leveraging the power of social media to build an influential digital brand.  

Exam free icon Learn from Tasha “TC” Cooper (aka “Coach TC”), a proven leader in the the social media marketing industry who has helped hundreds leverage the power of social media.   

You may qualify to work directly with TC Cooper if:

Exam free icon You are wasting time posting content on social media with little to nothing to show for your effort.

Exam free icon The content that you post on social media gets lots of likes, but no one is contacting you for services.

Exam free icon You can't connect with your ideal clients online because you don't know where to find them.

Exam free icon It seems that no one at all is paying attention to your content.  Nothing happens when you post, you get crickets. 

Exam free icon You are quietly intimated by social media and digital technology.

Exam free icon You don't know where to start with paid advertising.  

Exam free icon You don't know how to write content that makes people want to hire you without sounding pushy, salesy or like you're peddling your services. 

Exam free icon The notion of integrating  social media into your business development sounds like a foreign concept.

Ready to invest in an effective social media marketing certification program that can help you leverage the power of social media to build digital influence while getting a cerfication that shows your commitment to your personal and professional develpment?

It’s your time to get measurable results from using social media to attract and convert your ideal clients and customers. …  

Stop Wasting Time and Start Attracting Credible Business Opportunities

Your time is valuable.  In fact, it is the most valuable resource that you have because once spent, it’s gone forever.   
Are you tired of wasting time on social media without getting the results that you need to grow your business or practice? The Social Media Magic Lab, home to the UpwardAction® Media Certification Program is exactly what you need to get you from where you are to attracting your ideal clients in your sleep.

Enroll in the UpwardAction® Media Certification Program and get immediate access to over 80 on-demand training lessons taught by Coach TC on her Periscope and Facebook Live Streams. These video training programs are only available through the UpwardAction® Training Academies.

The UpwardAction® Media Certification Program is strictly for leaders who are ready to stop messing around on social media and start leveraging the power of social media platforms to build sustainable businesses that build generational wealth through value and service.

To complete this certification program AND effectively use what you learn to transform the impact, influence, and income of your business, organization or ministry, you must :

  • Be ready to do the work that’s necessary to get the results that you desire;
  • Be willing to hire at least one virtual assistant to help you implement with you learn (we’ll help you if needed);
  • Not be looking for a “quick fix” or “magic bullet” but instead be ready to work with a coach who has mastered helping service providers expand their online influence;
  • Be mature enough to handle honest and direct feedback that is given with your best interest in mind;
  • Be willing to hustle and take fast action once you are clear about the plan of action;
  • Be willing to learn and explore technology (we’ll provide lots of guidance);
  • Be committed to investing the time necessary to be successful;
  • Not have a huge ego that cannot be tamed for your growth and development; and
  • Be coachable.
Strategy + Structure + Systems = Success


If you’re ready to increase your digital visibility in a way that attracts your target audience and ideal clients, let’s talk. Tell us about your business objectives and we’ll help you determine your next best step.



Apply for Mentorship with TC Cooper:

Three Certification Tracks  
Three Tracks for Certification – Basic, Professional, and Emerald: To complete your track of the UpwardAction® Certification Program, you will certify that you have watched and completed any necessary worksheets for the training lessons required by the track you choose to complete. Each certification track includes up to 25 required videos. You can complete as many tracks as you can within the 12 months that you have access to the program and receive a certification award for each track completed.
Track A. Basic Social Marketing Competency
Track B. Professional Social Marketing Competency
Track C. Emerald Social Marketing Competency.
Exam free icon
VIP Strategy Session with TC Cooper by Video 
A 60-minute strategy session with TC Cooper by video or telephone to discuss your goals and determine which of our three certification tracks best fits your needs..
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Required Classes and SMART Goal Daily Planner;
Review the list of required classes for your chosen certification level and start using your complimentary copy of our best-selling 90-Day SMART Action Plan Daily Planner for S.M.A.R.T. Goals.
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Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Every month, you can submit questions to be answered during a pre-recorded group training call. This call is based on questions submitted during the past 30 days.
Access to the Social Media Magic Lab 
As shared above, you have access to all of the video and audio-based training lessons within 24 hours of enrolling in the UpwardAction® Media Certification Program. These lessons are available on-demand and you’ll have access for the next 12 months, which includes all new videos to be added during the year. Training videos are from TC Cooper’s live Periscope and Facebook live stream channels. All training videos are practical, to the point and designed for your success!
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1/2 Day Training and Graduation Luncheon
Join TC Cooper in Washington, DC for a 1/2 Day training session with up to only 10 other certification participatants. This training can be done by video with a special request. At the end of the VIP Training, receive your certification certificate and celebrate at a graduate luncheon. VIP training days are held on pre-determined Saturdays during every quarter.

Success Stories!

Thank you very much for your time and energy in presenting the three Build Momentum with Social Media sessions for our members. The feedback from the lawyers was very positive. It was especially helpful that you were able to demonstrate how a lawyer can turn her/his LinkedIn profile into a dynamic tool for building a network and communicating one’s problem solving ability and expertise. Showing lawyers how and when to use Twitter was very useful because you provided a clear strategy for getting results from this tool.

Daniel Mills, Esq.

My all‐day VIP Strategy Session with Tasha was phenomenal. Not only did she demonstrate encyclopedic knowledge of social media marketing, but she also proved extremely well‐prepared to address the specific needs of my firm. She was an enthusiastic, clear, and patient teacher who helped this internet marketing novice see the big picture.

David G. Ross, Esq.

I have had the great pleasure of bringing Tasha in twice for entrepreneur training programs. As someone who has taught entrepreneurship for many years and brought in countless speakers and business coaches, I can say without hesitation that Tasha Cooper is the best speaker and business coach that I have ever seen. She is a brilliant business strategist who also has outstanding communication skills. You literally cannot even write down all the great business solutions that she produces! I fully recommend Tasha with my highest praise.

John Childress

“Tasha Cooper is a phenomenal branding consultant and social media trainer & coach. I have hired her on behalf of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Procurement Programs to develop several training programs and to consult with our clients. TC provides practical, insightful and clear directions for implementing a workable plan of action for branding your company and using Web 2.0 strategies that will grow your business. I highly recommend her!”

Stephanie Burroughs, New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC)

I found Tasha’s LinkedIn and Twitter presentations to the DC Bar Association extremely informative. As a business consultant and service provider, I know the importance of employing social marketing for self‐promotion. Tasha shared creative, practical and time efficient ways to use social media in my business. Her thorough presentations showed me how to improve my LinkedIn profile and to use Twitter to provide value and get the word out about my firm.

Deb Gaveglio

I attended a lunch and learn session that Tasha led on using social media that was outstanding. She gave a great overview of ways to grow and expand your practice through Twitter. She opened a new world to me and I’m excited about using what she taught.

Femeia Adamson, Esq.

Read TC's Thoughts Printed In a Few Of Her Favorite Trade and Association Magazines.


Read TC's Thoughts Printed In a Few Of Her Favorite Trade and Association Magazines.


Read TC's Thoughts Printed In a Few Of Her Favorite Trade and Association Magazines.



TC Cooper is an attorney, best-selling author and president of UpwardAction® – a digital marketing and online training company. As a social marketing advocate and innovative thinker, TC has become a recognized leader in social media marketing, online advertising and building influential digital brands. She is a teacher at heart who has taught thousands of professional service providers, business owners and leaders exactly how to leverage the power of social media to increase their impact, expand their influence and diversify their income.

TC’s passion for her work led her to develop the CooperZone™ Virtual Learning Platform, which includes on-demand training academies for Twitter, LinkedIn, Live Streaming and Social Media Marketing. Her online communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and LinkedIn exceeds 40,000 people who tune in for her actionable advice for attracting ideal clients by leveraging the power of social media. TC has been seen in publications that include Black Enterprise Magazine, Speaker Magazine, California Bar Journal, Washington Lawyer and on the cover of New Jersey’s InBiz Magazine.

She has been engaged for social media and digital brand building training for organizations and government agencies that include: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Wall Street Project Economic Summit, Rutgers University, Levin Institute for Entrepreneurship, Maryland Bar Association, DC Bar Association and numerous individual attorneys, consultants, and small firms. TC is a graduate of Columbia Law School and Hampton University. She was also trained and certified as a corporate coach at Coach U. To learn more about UpwardAction’s social media marketing programs and on-demand training academies, visit